How to support KinbakuMania Shibari Dojo

How may I support KinbakuMania Shibari Dojo

KinbakuMania Shibari Dojo page have alredy been online in a almost uninterrupted way for almost 8 years by now. I have been freely sharing quality and original Shibari Kinbaku material mainly in English and Spanish versions although we have some pages already translated to Portuguese

That effort has not been easy for us as it demanded lots of hard work hours to recopilate, translate and create the material you can now get on this page.

All monetary costs that maintaining this infrastructure active and working involves was provided by the KinbakuMania Shibari Dojo project or (in most cases) it was funded by our personal money, until now.

That’s why we ask to any person visiting this site and finding this material we lovingly compiled and wrote for you to support us keeping KinbakuMania Shibari Dojo page alive.

How may I help?

  • If you have the chance and you can donate as little as 2 dollars (or as much as you want) to help us pay for the site hosting and maintenance, please follow this link to do so  – MONEY CONTRIBUTION –
  • You can help us attending to hour WORKSHOPS & CLASSES Part of what we charge for them is used to keep this site alive.
  • Buying us ROPES & ACCESORIES in our online shop
  • Following us in our social networks pressence  FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE VIMEO
  • Commenting and sharing our social networks contents so we can reach more people there.
  • Sharing articles you may find in this page as links avoiding copy paste of the contents only. Always remember that you have to ask for permission to do so as this page contents are under copyright licences.
  • If anything in our page, or anything about us disturbes you or you just DON’T LIKE IT: TELL US so we can improove and correct whatever is wrong.



Why commenting and sharing in social networks is so important?

Any social network nowadays is based in complex algorithms that prioritize content visibility based on what people likes more. Any video, photo, or text that happens to have lots of comments, shares and likes trend to “go viral”.  In other words it may appear as suggested content to more people than other content that wasn’t so commented, shared or liked.

If you really want to help us reach more people, then help us share our posts in your favourite social network.  Even when you have only a few followers, even when only a few people would see what you shared, it will count as a share and will be another effort we can be grateful for.

We really apreciate you’ve read till here.

We hope we can support with a little help of all those who love quality shibari kinbaku.