Yukinaga Max 雪長

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Yukinaga Max, Tina and HaruTsubaki at Copenhaguen Shibari Dojo

Yukinaga 雪長 is the Bakushi name Max was assigned by his 2 sensei, for having achieved a great understanding and mastering of Kinbaku.

Max has since 1995, together with his wife Tina, had a great interest in the authentic Japanese Kinbaku (in Danish called Japanese bondage)

Due to studies, workshops and seminars throughout Europe and a growing immersion into the Japanese segment, Max and Tina was presented to one of Japan’s largest bakushier (Japanese rope master) Osada Steve, who was Max’s first sensei.

Today, Max has 2 sensei: Osada Steve and Grand Master Yukimura Haruki. Max is Deshi (the priority student) for Osada Steve.
Over the years it has evolved into a deep friendship and a great mutual inspiration to all parties.

The friendship with Osada Steve and Yukimura Haruki has led to several stays in Japan and countless hours of hard training with some of the major Japanese Bakushier. Many hours of hard work is a prerequisite in order to achieve the full understanding and mastering of the ancient techniques.

This has naturally led to studies in history, culture, Japanese language and not the least a deep knowledge of the people in and behind the Japanese Kinbaku environment.




  • Started rope bondage.


  • Introduction to Osada-ryu by Osada Sensei in Copenhagen/Denmark and Berlin/Germany.Performance at Dark Side Club in Berlin


  • Jan/Feb: Intensive Shibari training at Osada Honbu Dojo Tokyo/Japan (4 weeks) Kinbaku coaching by Yukimura Haruki (雪村春樹). Special performances at various Tokyo venues. Awarded 4-kyu certification in Osada-ryu
  • Aug: Founded Copenhagen Shibari Dojo. Organized workshop series for Osada Sensei at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo
  • Sep: Special performance at Club Avalon, Berlin


  • Jan/Feb: Instructor training at Osada Honbu Dojo Tokyo/Japan (6 weeks). Intensive studies with Yukimura Haruki (Newaza, Shuuchinawa). Special Hojojutsu training under Miura Takumi (神浦匠). Awarded 1st kyu certification and received Osada Ryu 2011 instructor license. Featured in ArteTV documentary on Who’s Who of the Japanese tying arts. Represented Denmark at Toubaku, Tokyo Special performances in Tokyo at Studio SIX, Indigo, Bubu, Roppongi Jail, Kitagawa Salon, Pink Crystal. Organized workshop series for Osada Sensei at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo. Special performance and presenting at London Bondage Festival.


  • Jan/Feb: Technical training at Osada Honbu Dojo Tokyo/Japan (5 weeks). Continued intensive studies with Yukimura Haruki. Technical director at photo shoot with Sugiura Norio in Nagano (Snow Kinbaku). Special performances at various Tokyo venues. Awarded Shodan certification. Renewed instructor license. Organized Yukimura Haruki workshops at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo attended by 60 Shibari enthusiasts from all over the world. Awarded bakushi name Yukinaga Max (雪長マックス) from Yukimura Haruki Sensei and Osada Steve Sensei


  • Feb/March: Technical training at Osada Honbu Dojo Tokyo/Japan (6 weeks). Renewed Osada-ryu instructor license. Produced a video series of technical instructions with Osada Steve. Intensive studies with Yukimura Haruki. Received full instructor licence in Yukimura-ryu. Special performances at Ubu, Indigo, and Studio SIX in Tokyo. Copenhagen Shibari Dojo prominently featured in: “So Fucking Special”, a major Danish TV documentary. Workshop series in Spain, Germany, Copenhagen etc.

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