Yukimura Haruki 雪村


Yukimura Haruki 雪村春树 Sensei

Yukimura Haruki 雪村春树 sensei 1948- 2016 was considered as one of the most active bakushi of the lastest times in Japan.

He was the producer, editor, photographer and actor of more than 3000 videos, books and all kind of publications about Shibari/Kinbaku. That is for far more than any other bakushi had produced ever. As Osada Steve school (heir of Osada Ekichi linage) is more related to scenic Shibari/Kinbaku, Yukimura Haruki’s one is a more handcrafted one with delicate touch of intimacy.

He was the father of a unique technique that is nowadays known as “Newaza”. It’s main focus is related to the intense relationship that happens between rigger, model and ropes. It all dances around the amazing energy flow, the importance of managing space, and the subtle use of rhythms. His many videos capture, on close up style, those special reactions the model expresses as the ropes embraces her. He did not need any thrilling suspensions to provoke very intense moments, this was why his so special way of tying is world known as the “caressing style.

His shibari, delicately and artisanly created on the spot, were from an exquisite beauty and managed to delicately show that subtle intimate play where rigger delighted himself in controlling the model, in exhibiting her to enjoy her typical Japanese female modesty reactions while she was enduring that helpless situation (shuuchinawa – 羞耻 縄)

Yukimura Haruki had a great interest on Kinbaku since his childhood. He started to use this rope art since his early beginnings as a photographer.  As time went by his pictures and movies started to get a more erotic approach. This caused Yukimura to spend more time doing shibari in front of his lenses than behind it.

During this last 10 years Yukimura had taught his techniques to a small number of occidental people. So, in 2012 (and thanks to Osada Steve coordination) he conducted a workshop in the Compenhagen Shibari Dojo where more than 50 riggers from all around the world (including me) had their firsts lessons from Yukimura Haruki Sensei. That was the very first time Yukimura had ever taught outside Japan.

Yukimura was a renowned bakushi (rope artist) in Japan, and a counted number of riggers had attended his classes in his Dojo so to learn those so special techniques. Many of them were in search of guide and teaching from whom is known as the undisputed king of Suuchinawa (that special technique focused on looking after those characteristic facial expressions based on humiliation and embarrassment of the model) and Kotobazeme.

I used to suggest people that happened to be in Tokyo that for sure they might had enjoyed getting some private classes with him.



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