Yukinaga Max Videos 2013

Yukinaga Max videos 2013

Yukinaga Max and Tina from Copenhagen Shibari Dojo

Some months ago, Yukinaga Max 雪長マックス (Copenhagen Shibari Dojo owner and Osada Steve 長田スティーブ Sensei’s disciple) made a series of short video-tutorials in which he explains only some elements (only a few) that are used during the practice of Japanese Kinbaku from an Osada-Ryu (Osada school) perspective.

Please keep in mind that these videos were made only to illustrate the western viewers not just about the meaning of the Japanese concepts, but also about the cultural and philosophical fundamental differences between western bondage practices and Japanese Shibari/Kinbaku (which roots directly from one of ancient Budei Juhappan’s 18 warrior skills mastered by Samurai during Tokugawa era in Japan). Both practices should be respected “per se” and they should use one their own language to describe themselves.

If you want to learn Japanese Shibari/Kinbaku please contact Yukimura Haruki Sensei, Osada Steve Sensei, Naka Akira Sensei, Nawashi Kanna Sensei, Hajime Kinoko Sensei, Kazami Ranki Sensei, Otonawa Sensei, Miura Takumi Sensei, Kitagawa Sensei o Arisue Go Sensei. If you can’t travel to Japan, I’ll recommend you to make sure that the place you plan to learn from, has a legitimate and traceable learning linage to it’s original source in any Japanese Ryu (Japanese school). One of the best options I can think of meeting Yukinaga Max at his spectacular Copenhagen Shibari Dojo in Denmark. You can also find any other  Official Yukimura-Ryu Dojos or Osada-Ryu Dojos around the world (you can find a list of them clicking here).


Please look at the videos in the suggested order so that you would be able to understand better what Yukinaga Max wanted to explain. Taking them as a training material to learn some techniques not only betrays the spirit he tried to give them, but also bastardizes some really important and ample concepts that should still be needing practice and training in front of a Sensei.


Video 1: Introduction

[hana-flv-player video=”http://www.kinbakumania.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Introduction.flv” width=”600″ description=”Introduccion” player=”5″ autoload=”false” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” clicktarget=”_self” /]




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