Yukimura-Ryu 雪村流

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Learning the Yukimura way of rope play.

The Yukimura-Ryu, or Yukimura way of tying, is different from the hard, torturous sort of rope bondage that is called semenawa in Japanese. The Yukimura way of tying is a gentle, loving style of bondage that I call aibu no nawa (caressing rope) I have developed my style of tying to give the partner more stimulation and pleasure from the rope. Caressing rope is all about love, but don’t be fooled by the name: it is also diabolical.

Over the years, while teaching friends to tie, I have learned how to teach my style of tying in ways that are easy to understand. It is my hope that learning the Yukimura way of rope play will enrich your relationship with your partner and help you both find new ways to expressing your emotions and love.

“Caressing with rope” means to tie using your control of the tension on the rope to transmit your emotions to your partner. How much love can be expressed in the few square meters in which you tie your partner? How much anticipation can you create?

There are three essential elements in the Yukimura Way of Rope:

  1. Controlling the tension on the ends of the rope. (Nawa-jiri)
  2. The tie you select.
  3. Admiring and appreciating the pose in which you tie your partner.


Proper control of the ends of the rope involves use of the angle of the rope between you and your partner; the distance you place between you and your partner, and the tension you keep on the rope.

I use three types of ties: ties that change and evolve: ties that utilize an anchor point, and ties that do not use an anchor point. The best place for the “Rigger” to stand is either behind or next to the model. Please keep in mind that there are more than 100 possible positions.

Once you have learned the basics, please develop and enjoy you own style.

Proper appreciation takes into account the position from which you admire your partner, including the distance at which you position yourself. The way you speak to your partner during and after the tying is also very important. Do you whisper sweet words? Do you say things that will embarrass your partner? Do you utilize verbal humiliation?

In the Yukimura Way of tying you use all three elements to communicate and exchange emotions with you partner. There is no limit to the possible combinations once you have learned the basic foundation of Yukimura Ryu.


Yukimura Haruki.

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