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Thanks for being here so far!

KinbakuMania’s objective is to offer quality authentic material about Shibari (縛り) and Kinbaku (緊 縛) as they are conceived in Japan. We want to give any Spanish speaking person and the worldwide rope community the opportunity to have a friendly and useful way to approach to this wonderful Japanese art in a genuine and demystified way. Also we want to show all this from a earnest point of view where you would be able to learn and share thoughts both in a theoretical and practical way.

In KinbakuMania you’ll find excellent material from awarded professional Japanese rope artists, and some prestigious Shibari/Kinbaku fans and researchers also. We took care to translate them into Spanish in a careful way, protecting their essence and their spirit.

I’m truly honored and grateful to be accepted as Osada Steve Sensei’s (長田スティーブ) student and Yukimura Haruki sensei student.  I will be glad to get you in a deep and genuine contact with all their work, writings, projects and any news that shall be worthwhile to mention. I’ll be including links to Osada -Ryu and Yukimura-Ryu alternatives, sites, official and associated dojos, etc.

I would like to deeply and eternally thank to my beloved friend Kurt. He always provided me with a deep and generous friendship.  He knew how to skillfully guide me into the world of Shibari/Kinbaku until I met and knew who my Sensei is nowadays.

I would like to heartfully thank Mr. Osada Steve as he relied on me as a worthy custodian of a bit of his wisdom. He leaded my steps in such a special way that lets me feel I can choose my own road at the same time. Thanking his generocity for having introduced me to the great and Legendary Shibari Master Yukimura Haruki 雪村春樹 Sensei, who is now also my sensei too and with whom I’ve been practicing during all of my stays in Tokyo. We will be gladly sharing here all what we can about Yukimura Haruki Sensei’s school: Yukimura-Ryu.

I will always thank him and all Shibari Kinbaku Great Masters that so kindly devote their life and precious experience to teach this wonderful art and put it available for our occidental minds. Also I would like to thank those who helped us bring a strong foundation in safety and tips, and at the same time teach us the medullar secret essence that this great art hides; by putting our ego aside, we enable that the unique miracle between rigger and rigged occurs, whilst unveiling that each obvious meaning may hide another one, unknown for foreigners but deeply implicit for the Japanese.

Also I would like to thank people as Master “K”, who spent over 30 years researching about this matter, and has been so kind to develop and publish a book like The Beauty of Kinbaku that enlightened (both Orientals and Occidentals) giving all of us a consistent context of the historic paradigm where this so special art was born.

All my respects and admiration for those who let us learn from their valuable experience.


Domo arigatou  gozaimasu! Onegaishimasu!


Haru Tsubaki 

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