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For Osada Steve original Shibari and Kinbaku Rope, the choice of many of Japan’s top professionals, please check out our rope shop.

The rope is 6mm jute and is available in natural, red and black.

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Aiko is the first book of Kinbaku photography produced by Osada Steve. As reviewed by Master “K”:

“It’s a beautiful book.

Entitled “Aiko – 愛子 “, (after Steve’s favourite model), it’s a handsome and sumptuous, large-size paperback publication of 160 pages filled to the brim with beautiful colour photos. The pictures are the product of eight different photographers, and each has trained an avid and artistic eye on Osada Steve’s well-known performances from his Studio SIX in Tokyo. The results are often spectacular.”

For the full review, and to see the complete preview of the book, please check out our Aiko page.


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Osada-ryu is proud to offer a limited number of pristine unsold copies of Zukai Hojojutsu, by Fujita Seiko.

328 pages, 864 illustrations, Size approx 28cm x 21cm, Written in 1964, published in 1986

The ultimate book demonstrating the historical significance of the Japanese tying arts practiced by the Samurai warrior class. Long out of print, this bible on Hojojutsu is a sought after collector’s item regularly fetching record priced at online auctions. With hoshu hojojutsu (捕手捕縄術) having been practiced as one of the 18 warrior skills (武芸十八般) , this book should be of interest to all students of traditional Japanese martial arts.

Zukai Hojojutsu is available here.

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