KinbakuMania Dojo

KinbakuMania Dojo was born in 2010 after Tsubaki was accepted as Osada Steve’s, her first sensei, student. It’s mission was to communicate, teach and spread the word about Shibari/Kinbaku genuine and quality material in Latin America and all Spanish speaking community in general, due to the increasing confusion that existed among these practices between those who claimed knowing about them.

During it’s firsts years, KinbakuMania Dojo’s focus was theoretical, allowing it’s visitors to have a huge variety of material from renowned senseis from Japan available in Spanish and spoken in a friendly and easily understandable language. Many great master’s profiles were published and also were several of their interviews, so that those who may have any interest in this ancient art would clearly know who is who.

At early 2013, after finishing that training with her sensei Osada Steve, Tsubaki was given a certificate for her cuarto kyu in Osada-Ryu from his hands.  During those days Osada Steve asked her to start teaching in front of him so he would be able to guide her and correct her at any error. At the end of this trip Tsubaki was granted the authorization from Osada Steve to start her path as a sensei.

Certificado de 4 Kyu en Osada -Ryu.


During the following years Tsubaki taught private lessons to some students, both in Buenos Aires and in Europe, allowing her to improve on her teaching skills for this art. But one of what most helped me to face this challenge was the generous guidance and support I got from Yukinaga Max and Tina form Copenhagen Shibari Dojo.

At mid 2014, during her third year learning and practicing Yukimura-Ryu style, well know by it’s delicate techniques as “the caressing style”, Tsubaki was officially recognized as a bakushi and named “HaruTsubaki” 春椿 by Yukimura Haruki 雪村 春树 sensei from Tokio. This is how nowadays Tsubaki has two senseis.

At the end of 2014 Tsubaki starts organizing group classes for Shibari/Kinbaku in Buenos Aires.  Both her private and group lessons have a special focus in unveil, develop and train the skills from both riggers and their partners to transform the ropes in an active communication element for the couple, putting a special stress in the way energy flow is managed, all this without forgetting the technique and security aspects, of course.  Having a special place devoted to teaching allowed her to teach about the importance of some Dojo rituals, about respect and gratefulness, and mainly to take this experience as something more transcendental than simply dealing with a rope.

KinbakuMania Dojo is always open to those who would heartfuly wish to learn this art.  However, Tsubaki as a sensei, takes her time to evaluate motivations and energies from those who wish to start this path. She tries as far as she can to keep the purity, essence and spirit of her sensei’s legacy.  Perhaps that’s why, if you wish to start this journey, you should follow her own steps in this road. You’ll find plenty lecture material in this page that may guide you understand the essence behind this practice. If you think you’ve understood that and you truly think your way through the ropes leads you to this way, don’t hesitate to contact her, Dojo’s doors would be open for you.

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