From KinbakuToday: Rope Community and Culture

I want to share this interesting post Zetsu Nawa wrote some days ago in his blog KinbakuToday. In the same way as it happened before in previous opportunities, I share the same feeling about the general status quo and hard facts of Kinbaku in our occidental world. I may have subtle differences when he generalizes how things are happening in the west.  I really feel this is subtly different in Europe, US, and the rest of occidental scene, mainly when it comes to rigger’s levels and skills. That being said I must agree in a 100% about his feeling on what kind of spirit fuels occidental people to practice shibari.

As usual this is a piece of read that requires a meditated and self assessed reading both personal and as a group. It invites us to think a bit about the course shibari is taking in the occidental world and how genuine to its roots is it or would it became in the near future.

Thanks Zetsu Nawa for letting us share this translation with the Spanish speaking community.

The original post can be found at KinbakuToday’s page here

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