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We, in KinbakuManía have the firm conviction that certain material access can’t be left unprotected and public. We believe that in this way whoever has a genuine interest in Shibari/Kinbaku would spend some minutes to log into the page. Moreover, in that way we would be able to invite those who access the page to receive a notification anytime a new worthwhile content is updated or published in the page.

We have a strong interest in taking apart all that people that navigate the page expecting to find some porn, nudes, or similar… from those who really enjoy this as the art it is.

We hope you might understand our motivations and would take some minutes to login via your Facebook account or to register in the page (if you haven’t already). If you have already registered and have username and password, or if you want to login with your Facebook account you can do it here.

Once again we remember you that performing a registration with a fake or non functional email address would only generate yourselves a complete waste of time. The system is done in such a way that there is no chance you can have access without a valid and functional email address as password is only sent to that stated email address.


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