In Memoriam Akechi Denki


The words you’ll find in the link were written by Master”K” in his farewell to the Great Master Akechi Denki when he passed away in June 2005. It’s a very heartfelt compendium of his life and all those things he was able to legate us. Thanks Master “K” for letting us share this material with our mutual aim to keep spreading quality material for all Shibari/Kinbaku community that really values it.

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Notes from Haru Tsubaki:

There are no successors from Akechi Denki or from his bakushi name although many masters are saying that Nawashi Kanna Sensei is the one who continues his legacy nowadays.

He have had only two known deshi:

Akechi Enka: A woman who have left Shibari/Kinbaku activities.

Akechi Raika: A woman that have left Shibari/Kinbaku activities upon Akechi Denki Sensei’s death.

Nureki Chimuo Sensei: He passed away on 2014 with more than 80 years old.

The only one who keeps practicing and teaching, delighting us with his wonderful art is the legendary Yukimura Haruki Sensei, who I have the tremendous honor to have as a Sensei both in  Copenhagen Shibari Dojo (August 2012), as in my two last Tokyo visits (2013/2014).  I’ve also recently received the honor of being called his student as he named me Haru Tsubaki

Haru Tsubaki

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