Osada Eikichi Interview on Tokyo Journal 1999

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Osada Eikichi -Foto by Osada Steve-

Mr. Osada is no ordinary man. He’s an accomplished nawa sensei, a man who lives by the rope and provides pleasure to women who love to be bound.

A man who has practiced his art for more than 50 years has the right to his own style. Osada sensei hardly ever stands still when applying his craft to the alabaster skin of Miss Kazumi, a well-endowed woman in her twenties. In fact, Osada sensei moves so fast that if ever a mortal being could be in two places at the same time, then it would be him. Osada sensei achieves his speed by jumping in all directions, busily securing his ropes in a captivating dance of bondage not unlike the spider that wastes no time in securing his prey once entangled in its web. Thus this writer may be forgiven in dubbing Osada sensei’s practice the “flying rope man” style.

Osada sensei seems to abandon asa nawa (traditional Japanese torture rope) in favor of the more flexible, thicker and colored cotton/synthetic variety. Osada sensei knows how to use the candle and the whip, though these serve as mere appetizers in the repertoire of a rope master where the handling of rope to control the woman supercedes all other techniques. All those that appreciate the work of a man at the pinnacle of his art can do just that on Fridays at the Bondage Bar in Shinjuku where the Osada Seminar starts at 9pm. Door charge: ¥8,000 for the show. Thereafter ¥3,000 per 30-minute intervals for chatting with resident S and M ladies. Visitors in the mood for more private encounters can book a “play room” for ¥18,000 with a dominant woman or ¥28,000 with an M-girl.

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