KinbakuMania Fast Track

This kind of tuition is oriented to those people that feel more comfortable with short lenght trainings. In Fast Track we offer two hours length multi level classes. Upon arrival we evaluate student’s skills so to tailor the training contents according to each person’s skills and evolution. You can start from zero or with any rope experience without any problem. In those cases where student’s have not learned before in any other KinbakuMania proposal, and that carry some tying vices of wrongly taught things, we’ll focus first on giving a sustainable base to student’s basics so we can move forward later on more complicated structures. This tuition method will cover all training needed to know prior to achieve any suspension (without including suspensions in the program).  In Fast Track you’ll find the basic and fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge needed to avoid errors and bad practices that may lead to injure your rope model.

Fast Track is a more compact concept than the Intensive Shibari Workshop’s one because of an obvious time constraint since it’s only 2 hours long. It’s also a more accessible option due to it’s compact design and because it’s also shorter than them. Next Fast Track opportunities will appear in KinbakuMania Dojo’s calendar and will be also communicated through the distribution lists in KinbakuMania Dojo Whatsapp (+54 911 6866 4111).  For any other information or if you have any doubt about the Fast Track options, please contact us here:


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