Ito Seiyu (伊藤晴雨), 3/10

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Imagenes del Infierno “Fuego” por Ito Seiyu


During the Sengoku period*, humanity was entirely lost. Fathers, sons, and brothers were killing each other. All beautiful women left in fallen castles were subjected to gruesome torture. Those who have the power, use it to rule; while those who have lost the war are left with nothing. At the war of the Meiji Restoration, many women inside the Aizu castle killed themselves after being raped by the ruling army. Those who achieved victory might hold the power, but that doesn’t make them just. Ah!

*The Warring States Period in Japanese history from the middle of the 15th century to the beginning of the 17th century.

火 (hi)

戦国時代、父子兄弟相食み、人道地に墜ちたり。城陥りて城内の麗人悉く惨虐の刑罰の的となる。勝てば官軍、負くれば賊。明治維新の戦に、会津城内の婦女辱めに遇ひて自害せし者多し。 官軍必しも正義人道の人に非ず。鳴呼。

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