Ito Seiyu (伊藤晴雨), 10/10

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Imagenes del Infierno “Flor” por Ito Seiyu



It is rare to find words for a beautiful woman that do not include allusions to flowers. Albeit not as beautiful as a keisei*, even a meshimori can turn a jinya. ** One should know that there are specific manners for how to be with an oiran*** of the tayuprofession. Nowadays, young men know only of prostitutes, but not about a keisei of Yoshiwara. Nothing remains of that culture, except for what is secretly kept in Shimabara**** of Kyoto.

*Literally meaning “a castle turner,” keisei (傾城) refers to a woman so glamorous that she can ruin a castle by captivating its lord with her beauty.

**Meshimori (飯盛) were hired by inns as maids and often engaged in prostitution. The quote indicates that a beautiful meshimori can bankrupt at least a jinya, an inn designated for feudal lords, if not a castle like a keisei can.

***High-ranking courtesans of Yoshiwara were called oiran (花魁).

****The three major licensed pleasure districts in the Edo period were Shimabara in Kyoto, Shinmachi in Osaka, and Yoshiwara in Edo (present-day Tokyo).


花 (hana)


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