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TokyoBound on this link. Enjoy!

Almost forgot that one: In July turned 17, one year short of legal drinking age in some states.

That’s occasion enough for a little pop quiz. If you answer all three of the following questions correctly, you will be eligible for a draw to win a complimentary lesson(read: shibari training) by Osada Steve at the Osada-ryu Honbu Dojo (free accommodation at the dojo included).

And here we go:

1) In what year did first go online?

2) Does the site feature tutorials?

3) Are there any other sites preceding that explain the secrets of shibari/kinbaku in English?

All answers are cleverly hidden here. is currently an archive site and doesn’t accept new members for the time being. If you lust for Japanese bondage videos by Yukimura Haruki and Osada Steve, check out

JapBondage instead.

Correct answers as follows:
1. 1996
2. Yes, features tutorials
3. is the first such site — ever
Now that the answers have been revealed, the offer to win free tuition in Osada-ryu closes.
This pop quiz was actually a cleverly disguised survey to identify how many visitors are drawn to TokyoBound. I am happy to report that there are no less than two alert readers — BOTH of them herewith declared winners.

Stay tuned, the next chance to win free tuition is scheduled for July, 2026.

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