KinbakuMania Dojo starts 2015 teaching classes

Shibari/Kinbaku 2015 teaching classes beginning (both private and standard):

I wish to welcome back to those who dare or are daring to start or return to their learning path in this ancient Japanese rope art this year. KinbakuMania Dojo opens the teaching classes period for 2015 with the firm commitment of transmitting once again the inherited legacy that Yukimura-Ryu (teaching school from Yukimura Haruki renowned Tokyo Sensei) and Osada-Ryu (teaching school from Osada Steve Tokyo Sensei) to those who have the will, the constancy and are open to learn them.

Itsuka by Tsubaki (Osada-Ryu Honbu Dojo, Tokio 2014)


Shibari/Kinbaku journey has it’s starting line with the sparkle that ignites in us our learning desire. It then needs humbleness, comprehension,  perseverance and practice… Lots of practice!! to be able to grow in its path.

Those who already joined us in previous years were able to witness what is all this about. They’ve learned to respect the formalities, the musts and mustn’t of this culture, and growth came as a consequence.  We hope those who would join us this year will do it with the same positive energy and good will of those who had already started their learning path.


What do we need to start learning Shibari/Kinbaku?

The number one fundamental thing to start is to have some jute or hemp rope, because this art (so to speak seriously) needs organic fiber ropes from either of these materials (you can learn more about their difference in this article).  If you do not have this kind of rope, just contact me and I’d gladly provide you with some known good quality rope options.

If you’re still not sure which one of them to buy… Don’t worry!! During your first classes I’d lend you some rope momentarily. However you should keep in mind that your ropes are something very personal and it is fundamental for you to initiate your learning path with them.  You shall get to know them and get to transmit your energy into them.  In other words, you need to make them “your own ropes”.

Second and not less important thing you should have to start learning Shibari/Kinbaku is someone willing to be tied. You don’t need to necessarily have any kind of relation or bond with this person although we advice you that the sensations transmitted in this practice are intense and would require a certain amount of understanding within each other. In other words, it doesn’t matter if the person is your girlfriend/boyfriend, your sub, your fiancee or your wife/husband. It’s also good to remark that that person does not necessarily has to be the same during all your learning period. It’s the rigger who we teach, although we know that the model learns in a certain way. We are also forced to state that it’s golden rule in every Shibari/Kinbaku Dojo around the world that whoever starts as a model stays as a model, and whoever starts as a rigger stays as a rigger. Any person known as a rigger would not be admitted as a model of another rigger in class. KinbakuMania Dojo rules and etiquette are stated here.

Finally we’ll ask you to bring all your patience and desire to undertake this experience. Only those who are willing to learn could be taught. Only through perseverance you’d be able to capture and understand all that’s explicit and implicit while Sensei shows you a technique. Sometimes it takes some time and growth to perceive some details. Teaching this art assumes in some cases to unlearn some bad habits and bad teachings, and this also requires patience and time.

KinbakuMania Dojo is now open for those who have already decided to start. We’ll be gladly bringing you the best Shibari/Kinbaku teaching available in all Latin America. You’re always in time to start your learning if you haven’t decided yet.  There is always time when you have the will and you feel this is what you really want.

We’re waiting for you!

HaruTsubaki for KinbakuMania Dojo.

Shibari/Kinbaku 2015 teaching classes beginning (both private and standard)






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