Want to be a rope model?

We in KinbakuMania Dojo are always looking after rope lovers, both riggers and models.

You don’t need any previous experience to become a rope model, nor to have any physical condition in particular. We’re not looking for top models. The only thing needed is your wish to try the embracing rope harmony in a safe, respectful ambiance were we care for the tied person.

Whichever it would be the place where you chose to try ropes, it’s CRUCIAL that you know how to watch for your own safety.  We wrote and compiled some information for you on our post about  Rope model’s safety so to help you with that task.

You’d also found plenty material for you to read under the Rope Models and Safety tags that we encourage you to read.

Iroha by Tsubaki © KinbakuMania

If you happen to be in Buenos Aires city, or if you plan a trip here, don’t hesitate to leave us your contact information in the form bellow.  That way I’ll personally put myself in contact with you and answer any question or hesitation you may have.

If you’re somewhere else in the world, I might contact you with any of my rigger friends. I trust they would treat you as good as I would and would make you experience and enjoy that unique experience of the ropes as much as I would.

Any personal information that you may leave here will be treated in high confidentiality and will only be handled by me.

No photos or videos would be taken unless you want so. And even then your confidentiality is granted.


Don’t hesitate to write me right now by filling this contact form:

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