Nureki Chimuo Sensei 濡木痴夢男 (1930-2013)

Our dear friend Nuitdetokyo gave us a very sad news:

Dear all,

I spent the afternoon yesterday with a well known person with a long history in the Japanese sm world who is very reliable.

i am very saddened to have to report that he mentioned that, among some well informed people, the news is circulating that Nureki Chimuo Sensei passed away a few weeks back and that his family has opted to make the news non public, as well as the various ceremonies.

If the news is tragically confirmed, which i do hope is not the case,I will update the present very sad post.

Naka Akira San did pay him a visit in July, but Nureki Chimuo Sensei last blog article is ominously dated July 19th.




You can read about him on this interview on TokyoBound that Osada Steve made him some years ago.

Also somethings about his biography,  on this Nawapedia article.

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