Osada-Ryu Dojos and students

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The Tokyo Dojo focuses exclusively on one-to-one tuition, coaching and training. Intensive courses are tailored to individual needs, have a typical duration of between two and three weeks, and include free accommodation at the Dojo itself. The very first one-to-one intensive course at the Tokyo Dojo took place in 2003.


Melbourne Rope Dojo

The Melbourne Rope Dojo holds two classes weekly (a beginners and an intermediate) in Osada-ryu. The Dojo also offers private one-to-one tuition. Bi-monthly, the Dojo holds a Salon, with the focus being on tying rather than instruction.

The Dojo has one Licensed instructor.

Vienna Kinbaku Dojo

The Vienna Kinbaku Dojo holds weekly training sessions in Osada-ryu. The Dojo has two instructors graduated within Osada-ryu.


In being an “open” system, Osada-ryu is consistently evolving to reflect the latest developments in the Japanese tying arts.
To safeguard authenticity abroad, all Dojo masters receive regular specialist instructor training, with instructor licenses
having to be renewed mandatorily every year. If you are a student and are unable to find your name here, please contact
your respective Dojo.  

Tokyo Dojo, Chief instructor Osada Steve
Below you will find a list of students who have received direct training at the Tokyo Dojo. Not included are the several hundred individuals who have participated in Osada Steve’s overseas workshops over the years.



  • Barkas, Austria (Vienna Kinbaku Dojo)
  • Crepax, Austria
  • Macleinn, Austria
  • Ivan V, Czech Republic
  • RopeWolf, England
  • Sauvage, England
  • Dr Phil, France
  • LeSquale, France
  • Witcher, Germany
  • Xanoo, Germany
  • Michael Ropeknight, Germany
  • Pedro, Portugal
  • Kurt, Spain
  • Lluis, Barcelona
  • andypandy, Sweden
  • Kumonoso, Switzerland


  • David Masterson, Kansas City
  • Steve Indands, Austin, TX
  • LqqkOut, Minneapolis
  • Mike West, San Francisco
  • Master A, Hawaii
  • MattP, Minneapolis
  • Meekle, Somerville
  • Mike Rose, Atlanta
  • Andra Poloutropon, New York City
  • Amy Morgan, Washington DC

South America

  • Camelia Tsubaki, Argentina
  • Leo Sørg, Brazil
  • redTeapot, Mexico


  • Jeff



  • Scott, Melbourne (Melbourne Rope Dojo)
  • Alex Vicia, Melbourne
  • Mark de Viate, Sydney
  • Obi, Sydney
  • Avalon, Sydney
  • Hebari, Sydney
  • Paul J, Sydney
  • sublimal, Brisbane
  • phandur, Brisbane


  • B & K, Hong Kong
  • Steven S, Singapore
  • Sir David, Thailand

Shortlist of students residing in Japan

  • Mr Fumiki
  • Mr Kojima
  • Mr Jason
  • Mr Honma
  • Herr Montag
  • Mr Kojima
  • Mr Igarashi
  • Mr Kinoshita
  • Mr Votake
  • Mr Derek
  • Mr Akio
  • Mr Saito
  • Mr Aiso
  • Mr Shibuya
  • Mr Mikio
  • Ms Ran
  • Mr Adam
  • Mr Bec
  • NuitdeTokyo
  • Mr Yamashita

N.b. Please contact Osada Steve if you have received training at the Tokyo Dojo but don’t find your name on the list above.