KM Rope Friendly Tour

If you’re a rope fan, no mater how or where you learned to tie, or even if you didn’t tie in your entire life but it drives your curiosity, this is your choice. We invite you to have a “rope time” with us and have a lot of fun.

This kind of events will be held in different “Rope Friendly” bars and places all around Buenos Aires City that we’ll be selecting and choosing among those that will to join the tour.

At the Rope Friendly Tour you may ask me, if you want, to evaluate the ties you’ve learned (without caring where you did). I’ll offer you some advice on how to improve your ties according to my experience. There will be enough ropes for you to test and to buy at any moment of the tour if you want.

This meetings are scheduled son some Thursdays and Fridays starting after office hours in some special places where you would be able to have a snack, or a drink if you want. This tour will be leaded by Sensei and, as always, safety and health of the models will be top priority.  No BDSM sessions nor nude or sexual behaviors will be allowed as the meeting will be held in public places and the focus will be put on showing Shibari Kinbaku as a purely artistic activity.

We’ll be promoting our KM Rope Friendly Tours through our Whatsapp distrubution list (+54 911 6866 4111) to all those who had already joined it. You may also find it in KinbakuMania Shibari Dojo Calendar

If you want further information about KinbakuMania Rope Friendly Tours or if you want to propose a place to join the tour, do not hesitate to contact us either by whatsapp or by leaving a message in the bellow form:


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