Basic Safety Guide for rope bondage

In KinbakuMania Dojo we are delivering this ropes basic safety triptych flyer both in workshop and in Dojo classes. We felt wise and important to share this material freely so to contribute to people awareness on risks that bondage may lead to and how to keep ourselves off them and quickly translate symptoms accurately so to avoid injuries.

As we always said, rope bondage safety relies on a good communication between rigger and model, and the ability and common sense to apply these concepts we give in a sane way. Risk situations may not only come from the neglecting behaviour of the rigger, but also from the careless attitude of the model trying to push body’s limits playing Houdini. Even when the rigger may have taken all necessary safety measures into account, some models challenging their body and ropes’ flexibility may lead the less experienced riggers to feel tempted to consequently tighten the bondage. This is a one way road to an unnecessary injuries risk increase.

If you feel any kind of symptoms and you suspect you’re injured I strongly recommend not to try any improvised first aid and go to your medical doctor right away. Nerve injuries are usually cumulative so, if you happen to feel any of the symptoms described in the triptych you should let your rigger know as soon as possible and go to your physician. It’s not wise to get involved in any kind of rope activities until your body is completely healed.

Here you can download the ZIP file containing the high resolution images of the triptych we created so you can print it.  We’ve designed it to be printed in an A4 format page so it can be folded in three parts. It’s size has been optimized as it is similar to the size of your coiled ropes. In that way that you can take it with them anywhere so to have it always handy.

Security Guide for rope bondage - Front
Safety Guide for rope bondage – Front



Security Guide for rope bondage - Back
Safety Guide for rope bondage – Back


Merry ropes!!  Enjoy ropes safely!



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