Photo Shibari Session with Shibari in Love at the Noise Room

Some weeks ago I’ve accepted our friend’s Mariano Candy proposal to perform for a professional photographic session for his artistic project named Shibari in Love I must say that I felt really comfortable at his artistic den as the excellent music, his high professionalism and the the cozy atmosphere he created made it a fantastic place for my ropes to flow over Natica who looked extremely beautiful embraced by my ropes under the sight of the camera.

There was no hard point in the room, but that didn’t stop us to show the art of Shibari Kinbaku at it’s most warm and caring version in a very intense Newaza session, something that I have the chance to learn during my many training sessions with my beloved Sensei Yukimura Haruki.  Camera shots and lights flowed as softly as my ropes in a special mood that helped portrait that energy flow between rigger and model in a soft harmonic and artistic way.

In June 2016 this photos were shown as part of the exhibition “Imaginarios BDSM” held in Bogotá, Colombia were it was seen by dozens of people and helped spread the word of good quality Shibari in Latin America.

A few weeks ago we held an Expo & Show at our own Dojo where we showed this magnificent artistic work among the drawing art of Izumi Isozaki, some well renowned photographers books, and other video and books from Japanese artists and masters.

You can see bellow a small part of the collection we shown at the Expo & Show for those who lose the chance to assist. At least they’ll have the chance to see the photos even when they may have missed all the other spectacular stuff we held there…

Haru TsubakiHaruTsubaki


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