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How did I get here?

My Shibari Kinbaku passion was initially born thanks to my beloved friend and founder of the legendary Barcelona Club Social Rosas5, Kurt.  I was deeply impressed by watching how that Helvetian looking man, who sometimes wandered around with a grumpy attitude, lit up and smiled when he spoke about his journeys to Japan and his so admired Sensei, Osada Steve.  I felt I could spend the rest of my life listening to his tales about the Far East, losing the sense of time.  My frequent journeys to Spain gave me the chance to build a strong and deep friendship with Kurt.

Although our encounters were short, they were very intense. By his side I was able to meet some wonderful people and forge priceless friendships.  The creative photographer TENTESION and his lovely medora, and the great rope artist Alfil and his beloved elora were the ones who were always by his side.

Kurt & Osada Steve Sensei (Photo: TENTESION 2010)


One day in 2010 Kurt told me he was happy because Osada Steve had accepted his invitation to travel to Barcelona to teach Shibari workshops for a few weeks and to stay for the Club’s anniversary celebration.  I was so happy for him that I asked him to enroll me in all the workshops.  This happened again the following year. Thus, without even realizing it, I started learning this wonderful art at the hand of someone as special and generous as Osada Steve is. In time, I got to know him better and learned about his life. One night, after the lesson was over, Kurt made me promise, with Steve as his witness, that I would travel to Tokyo to experience for myself all those stories that he had told me year after year.  I feel that I never had a chance to really thank Kurt for all he did for me…

Nowadays I feel glad being able to assist my Sensei in translating his Osada-Ryu projects into Spanish.   But, even more important than that, I’m planning my trip to Tokyo to honor that promise I made to Kurt and Steve.  I feel that besides being his last wish, my friend Kurt sowed the seeds of a passion that ignited a flame inside me.  Even today I treasure as priceless my first set of ropes, the one I received as a gift from his hands. The same set of ropes that I took to Yukimura Sensei workshop, and that still accompany me with that spark of energy that he drove into them…

All this makes me feel really proud to be able to promote what would be the first Shibari/Kinbaku Dojo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Not only for assisting my Sensei with all Osada-Ryu material translation into Spanish, but also for counting with his approval to start teaching and having my own students.

My Osada Steve's autographed Book, Aiko

Haru Tsubaki

Those who guided me in my learning path

“You will find several people capable of teaching you bond patterns and knots …

but only a few will be able to give you the freedom to set your own path without suggesting you to imitate them”


Year 2016

May: Performance along the Shibari Attack group in the Exxxotica II event held in the venue of “El Emergente”.

January: Designed and taught the first KinbakuMania Dojo Workshops organized in four levels and aimed to help people living far from Buenos Aires have the chance to learn Shibari. We’ve received people from Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil (among other countries) in them.

Year 2015

November: Born of the Shibari Attack concept that started in the Cangrejos Bar as a group performance oriented to drive the individual protagonism to fade leaving place for the creativity beauty to shine from the KinbakuMania students group as a whole

November: Buenos Aires Worldwide Bondage Picnic organization and leading including the local rope community both from Shibari and traditional bondage.

July 24th: Consulting and participation in the writing of the article  “La letra B” (the B letter) published by the Suplemento Soy from the local mainstream newspaper Página 12.

October 22nd: Performance at the  Exxxotica Buenos Aires event done by the Shibari Attack group altogether with the KinbakuMania Dojo students’ group.

October: Performance at the Devil’s Night party at “La Sede”.

October 3rd: Performance and memorial conmemorating dear Kurt Walter Fischer’s passing away held at KinbakuMania Dojo opened for students and invited guests.

August: Performance and memorial conmemorating Great Master Akechi Denki’s passing away held at KinbakuMania Dojo opened for students and invited guests.

Year 2014:

October: Ten days private and intensive classes with Yukinaga Max 雪長 at the Copenhagen Shibari Dojo in Denmark. I’ve been trained in Semenawa Nanatsuno Hashi(Seven Bridges). I also practiced Yukinaga Max’s version of Tengo hojojutsu (originally transmitted to him by Miura Takumi 神浦匠 Sensei from Tokyo). Nijubishi sho hojojutsu, Nijubishi ni hojojutsu, Nijubishi san hojojutsu and Nijubishi yondan hojojutsu (all originally transmitted by Miura Takumi 神浦匠 Sensei from Tokyo to Yukinaga Max). I also reviewed the Usagi Tsuri Shibari.

I also attended to the Yukinaga Max Sensei Advanced high suspensions Workshop. We saw hojojutsu ties and Yokotsuri transitions to Kero and Embryo.


August and September: One and a half month training staying at Osada Steve Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. Private classes with Yukimura Haruki Sensei and Osada Steve Sensei from Tokyo.

"HaruTsubaki" Officially my Yukimura-ryu bakushi name. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu Yukimura Sensei!


Officially named as Yukimura-ryu student and given the bakushi name “HaruTsubaki“.

"Nawa Kokoro" Gift by Yukimura Haruki Sensei to me (Tokyo Sept 2014). Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu Sensei!


Osada Steve Sensei considered recognising my advances within his school giving me a new Osada-ryu forth kyu certificate. I feel very honoured and proud to receive this recognition to my efforts and to come back to my dear Buenos Aires with it!

Osada-Ryu 4th Kyu Certificate Tokyo 2014


Osada Steve took me with him and we attended to legendary Sensei from Tokyo Miura TakumiAbility Studio“.


August: One week of private and intensive classes with Yukinaga Max at the Copenhagen Shibari Dojo in Denmark. I practiced Yukinaga Max’s version of Tengo hojojutsu (originally transmitted to him by Miura Takumi Sensei from Tokyo). Nijubishi sho hojojutsu, Nijubishi ni hojojutsu, Nijubishi san hojojutsu and Nijubishi yondan hojojutsu (all originally transmitted by Miura Takumi Sensei from Tokyo to Yukinaga Max). I also reviewed the Usagi Tsuri Shibari.


April: One week of advanced workshop with Nawashi Kanna Sensei from Tokyo and Kagura-san at Barcelona.

Nawashi Kanna Gift to me (Barcelona, April 2014)

Program: More than five variations over Kanna Sensei’s Ushiro Takatekote, with and without Tasuki and finger decoration (Yubi Shibari), which in part defines his Shibari style. We also reviewed Akechi Denki’s version of the takatekote.

Hojojutsu from Itatsu-ryu school: Hojo Shibari, Jiyumonji Shibari. Honnawa, Torinawa, Hishi Shibari, Kikkou Shibari, Hikitokena, Hayanawa, Hikitokenawa (Kirinawa) which was used in people that were going to be beheaded.

Shinkake Shibari, Agura Shibari and Rydu ude ushiro awase.

Suspensions: Kata Ashi Zuri, Hykiaku zuri (suspensión del cartero o mensajero), Ashi agura Awase, Yokozuri with out transitions (Kanna Sensei’s version).

Teppo Shibari zuri in two different variations: one self choking and another with a bit of giyako ebi.

Two variations or Giyako ebi Zuri.


Year: 2013

October: One week intensive training with Yukinaga Max, staying at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo. On our private classes we trained on: Katazuri, Yokozuri (with transition to Embrio), Ganji Garame, Nijubishi between other Hojo ties, a Hishi TK which can be used for suspension and several Yukimura-ryu techniques on Newaza and Ki-Hairimasu. On the public classes of the Dojo we practised: Hobaku techniques and hands and legs ties from Yukimura-ryu. Also Shakuhachi and Usagi Shibari.


March/April: I took one entire month of intense tuition on Osada-Ryu from Osada Steve Sensei in his Tokyo Honbu Dojo. Osada Steve Sensei generously arranged for me to receive tuition also from Yukimura Haruki, Grandmaster Sensei from Tokyo.

My Second Yukimura-Ryu Certificate

I felt very honoured to be admitted under Osada Steve Sensei’s guidance. After lot of hard work and practice, translating Osada Steve Sensei’s material into Spanish, learning Japanese and my consistent long term commitment of excellence; I was finally back home in Buenos Aires, with my Kyu certificate in Osada-Ryu and my Sensei’s permission to start teaching the basics.

My Osada-Ryu Certificate

Sensei considered that it would be good for me to receive feedback from different Japanese audiences to improve my style. He arranged for me to perform different special shows at different Tokyo Bars as: Indigo (under Kitagawa-san organization, in Roppongi area), UbuBar (under Yoshida Yoi-san and Shigonawa Bingo-san organization, in Roppongi area) and PinkCrystal (Organized by Maya and her cousin in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku area). He also arranged for me to visit DX SM LIVE (in the heart of Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku area) where I enriched my vision by seeing other Japanese nawashi performing.

DXSM LIVE Program of the days I went



Year 2012

It was a very difficult year for me. My Sensei, Osada Steve became ill and couldn’t travel as he thought he might. I felt in the dark in need for his guidance. The spark that made me feel better was the opportunity of visiting Copenhagen Shibari Dojo one of the biggest and finest Shibari Dojo in the world leaded by the great nawashi, Yukinaga Max to receive tuition from Yukimura Haruki, legendary Sensei from Tokyo.

The workshop was organized by Yukinaga Max at the Copenhagen Shibari Dojo, on August 2012. It consisted in 6 hour modules in small groups of 5 couples.

My First Yukimura-Ryu Certificate


Program: Yukimura-Ryu Newaza, Yukimura-Ryu 2 ropes Gote Shibari, Sarake Dasu, Shuuchinawa, Kotoba seme, Energy Handling (ki) Kihairimasu and Kata Ashi Kaikyaku and Kata Ashi Tsuri variations, weight management of the model’s body techniques.

I attended a Peter Slemrian’s Workshop at Copenhagen SMIL on August 2012. It consisted in 6 hour classes in a small groups.

Program: 3 ropes Takatekote (Slemrian-style). Hip harness (Hajime Kinoko style).

I’ve attended Kazami Ranki, Sensei from Tokyo (replacing Osada Steve who could not attend) workshop organized by ESINEM at The Flying Dutchman, London on April 2012. It consisted in a 40 hour in total tuition held in small groups of couples.


Day 1: Hishi-shibari, Kazami-Ryu (Kazami style).

Complete Hishi-shibari (including whole body, torso and legs).

Day 2: Yoko-zuri, Kazami-Ryu

Day 3: Kata-ashi-sakasa-zuri, Kazami-Ryu

Day 4: Hikyaku-zuri (Kazami-Ryu)

Day 5: Newaza (Kazami-Ryu)

Kazami Ranki sensei gift to me. "Dirty Old Bastard" (London, April 2012)


Year 2010 & 2011

Osada Steve Sensei from Tokyo.

Workshops organized by Kurt at Club Social Rosas5 (Barcelona, September 2010 and 2011). It was an 80 hours total tuition divided between public lessons of small groups and private lessons.

Workshop I program (for beginners): 3 rope Osada-ryu Takatekote. Some Gote variations and Kazami and Yukimura techniques.

Workshop II program (for intermediate riggers): Gote-Shibari, Hishi-Nawa variations and Yukimura-Ryu techniques.

Professional Workshop Program: (for people with advanced knowledge and who master to achieve 3 rope Osada-Ryu TK while blindfolded): It was an intensive course oriented to those who’d perform in front of an audience or simply wish to learn a little more.

The emphasis was held on Teppo-Shibari, Hojo-Hishi-Nawa, Futomomo-zuri, Sakasa zuri, Aomuke zuri and progressive suspensions techniques.

Author’s Note: I’ve assisted both Professional Workshops by suggestion of Osada Steve Sensei.

Haru Tsubaki

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