A Day with Watanabe Yasuji and Yukimura Haruki -by ShinKouSabre-

ShinKouSabre 真光 セイバー  is a very beautiful Japanese-Australian model who has experienced Yukimura Haruki’s  famous newaza techniques. She authorized us to translate into Spanish and publish what she’s written about the wonderful sensations she has felt whilst being tied by Yukimura Haruki Sensei and photographed by Watanabe Yasuji.

Some days ago she wrote on her FetLife: “

“On 3rd Oct I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Since then I have had 2 operations and have already started my six cycle chemotherapy treatment. I would like to thank everyone for their phone calls and messages of support, and I wanted to let you all know that although I am struggling to manage at times, I am recovering slowly and steadily and there is a chance that I may fully recover from this. I have so many supportive people in my life personally and professionally who are waiting for me to make it through and continue on my career path. I now have time to look at all of my work completed over the past couple of years and will be working slowly, with the help from friends to get my finished photo shoots, videos, Art Book and content released. Shin Kou Sabre”

From KinbakuMania we wish to thank her and we also wish her all the best and pray for her prompt recovery.

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by ShinKouSabre about 2 years ago

The common reaction to those who are unfamiliar with 縛り shibari / 緊縛 kinbaku is either excitement or fear. Fear from those who do not understand it. Excitement for those who are curious.

In history shibari has been used in the military followed by martial artistists as a means to restrain someone. In recent times it is used as rope bondage or artistically to produce elaborate patterns.

For me personally the journey has been self discovery. In 雪村春樹氏 Yukimura’s words he explores the use of the rope as a means to form a connection. The rope is like an extension of himself to evoke an emotion, to reveal what is hidden.

The difficult part is to let go and allow that connection. The shibari is not about pretty patterns or technical skill. It goes beyond that. Once the technique has been mastered, the rope through the master serves two purposes. One is to bring the emotion to the surface whether it is shame, fear, pain, excitement or pleasure. The other is to communicate a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

渡邊安治氏 Watanabe Yasuji the photographer captured those emotions as they unfolded, an exchange within that moment. The images although only express a moment in time will be a lasting memory for those who had the privilege to experience it firsthand.

Thank you to 渡邊安治氏 Watanabe Yasuji, 雪村春樹氏 Yukimura Haruki, Harukichi and Nuit de Tokyo and of course my partner. I am looking forward to returning to Japan and creating some movies with 雪村春樹氏 Yukimura Haruki, and photographs with 渡邊安治氏 Watanabe Yasuji.


Watanabe Yasuji was the chief editor of the Japanese magazine SM Sniper which was first launched thirty years ago. The magazine has since closed down due to the economic downturn in 2008. Watanabe Yasuji’s photographic work has been featured in many solo exhibitions, magazines and his most recent book“Akai Hana” featuring Yukimura Haruki.

Yukimura Haruki is one of the greatest Japanese nawashi / bakushi (rope masters). He produces many video programs and is the author of numerous beautiful books. Yukimura Haruki appeared in the documentary “Bakushi” directed by Hiroki Ryuichi.

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