A new alternative to learn Shibari

We started 2016 with renovation energies and wanting to build new opportunities so rope lovers can come to learn with us. If you want to learn Shibari in an easy and quick way you will not want to miss what we’re proposing in our new workshops program.

These workshops will be oriented to those who are willing to learn shibari basic knowledge in a quick and direct way. They’re ideal for those that because of distance or time availability can’t join KinbakuMania Dojo’s classes. You’ll learn what you need to be able to use the technique of a correct shibari tying and practice it safely. Also it will be a good first step if you want to later on join the KinbakuMania Dojo to learn the energetic work with ropes and deepen your knowledge on Kinbaku.

Amy by Keihi at KinbakuMania Dojo
Amy by Keihi at KinbakuMania Dojo


We’ll be hosting our first Workshop for Beginners on January 22nd 2016 at late afternoon. You won’t need any previous knowledge. If you don’t have ropes, don’t worry, we’ll lend some to you. If you’re interested in having more information on costs and timetables you can contact us using this form:


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Don’t lose your chance. Places availability are limited.


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