Yukimura Haruki Sensei 1948-2016

I’ve received the sad news of the passing away of one of my teachers, Yukimura Haruki Sensei this morning.

My mind was immediately flooded with the images of those many times that I’ve been so blessed to receive his training from that first time at the Copenhagen Shibari Dojo to those last times when (thanks to Osada Steve Sensei suggestion) I’ve took many private classes at his Honbu Dojo. He then accepted me as his student.

Yukimura Haruki Sensei names me HaruTsubaki
Yukimura Haruki Sensei names me HaruTsubaki

There were lots of opportunities when I’ve gratefully experienced his patience, his wisdom, his so special way to see Kinbaku.  That style left a permanent mark in my Kinbaku path and made me understand key points as the timing, the way we transmit our energy between rigger and model, the importance of breathing, and the beauty of newaza. He taught me how to caress with ropes. He did it like nobody can do it.

I keep my heart full of beautiful memories with him. My soul is plenty of his teachings. My bakushi name also came from him as he althogether with Osada Steve Sensei named me as “HaruTsubaki“.  I also keep two very treasured and cherished shodo pieces he gave me some time ago.  First one writes in his own calligraphy my bakushi name and it’s always present and heading our Dojo classes. The second one and most heart touching one is that concept that he also wrote in his own calligraphy as a present to me, perhaps because he saw that in me. Nawagokoro is what he transmitted to everyone who had the pleasure to meet him. It’s a deep rope passion that grows from “kokoro”, that emotional heart that has no exact translation in English.

Nawagokoro by YukiMura Haruki  Sensei for Haru Tsubaki
Nawagokoro by YukiMura Haruki Sensei for Haru Tsubaki

It has been a great honor for me to receive his tuition, to call him Sensei. A word that has a profound and strong meaning for those who really know what it means.

A Great Master is gone. With him we lose an unrepeatable icon of international Shibari Kinbaku Community. His physical existence has left this world. His legacy remains in those who had been his students and disciples. Today his ropes rest from his skillful hands. Today Great Master Yukimura Haruki Sensei rests in peace, although his memory will be with us forever.


Haru TsubakiHaruTsubaki

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