Ito Seiyu (伊藤晴雨), 9/10

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Imagenes del Infierno “Luna” por Ito Seiyu


There is a delta sandbank of the Sumida River at its midstream called Mitsumata. A governor of Sendai, Lord Date Yorikane bought Takao Dayu* from Miuraya and made advances to her. However, she did not reciprocate, and thus, was beheaded on a boat. This is the so called “suspension slash of Takao.” Meanwhile, another story tells that Takao arrived in Sendai with the lord and lived there well into her 80s. Perhaps, Takao’s stories are mixed with a case of Usugumo Dayu** from Yoshiwara***, who had refused a lord so-and-so, and as a result, was murdered after having her fingers cut off one by one over a period of ten days.

*Takao Dayu is the name of a legendary tayu (the highest-ranking courtesan) in the Edo period. There were many generations of tayu with the same name.

**Usugumo Dayu is the name of another legendary tayu, or of many generations of them.

***Yoshiwara was a famous pleasure district in Edo (present-day Tokyo), which was licensed by the government.


月 (tsuki)


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