KinbakuToday interviews Iroha Shizuki

Some time ago I’ve found out this interesting interview that KinbakuToday page had made at the end of 2014 to the renowned rope model Iroha Shizuki.

We’ve always considered that the point of view of someone in the role of rope model is very important, as there is always lots of commitment and deliver from their side. In that way, as I had the huge honor and pleasure to tie Iroha, both in the the Osada Steve’s Honbu Dojo as in Yukimura Haruki’s Honbu Dojo, I’ve felt enormously enriched as she gave herself to my ropes, flowing in unison with my energy and letting me understand and learn each time a bit more of this art.

Iroha Shizuki by KinbakuToday
Iroha Shizuki by KinbakuToday

I really value each of her words and encourage you to read from someone who had been tied by almost all nowadays great masters of this art.

I would also like to thank Zetsu Nawa for letting us translate this interview into Spanish and let us share it here in KinbakuMania.

You can read the original English Language interview here.

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