Remembering the Great Akechi Denki (2005-2015)

Ten years had passed from the passing away of one of the renowned Great Masters of Shibari/Kinbaku. As he shown on stage wearing his black glasses, Akechi Denki always drove passion and admiration in all rope lovers.

Great Master Akechi Denki - In Memoriam 2015
Great Master Akechi Denki - In Memoriam 2015

He is considered one of the three Great Masters along with Great Master Nureki Chimuo, and Great Master Yukimura Haruki. Akechi Denki was one of the clearest exponents of the hardest style of Shibari/Kinbaku. After having to struggle with really harsh moments in his life, he got to became one of the greatest legends that have ever been on Japan’s Shibari stages.

It’s undeniable that if you now happen to watch the video testimonies from his performances, you would certainly cant remain indifferent to his energy deploy and his ability with ropes. He was someone who mastered them with the same fluency that only an artist would do with his own hands. His style was harsh and highly demanding for his rope models, who he loved to suspend in an upside down position sometimes.

Nowadays, and after 10 years of the sad news of having lost a enormous artist of Shibari Kinbaku, many riggers are yet inspired in his patterns, trying to capture that so special imprint that he used to have on stage. It’s good news that his legacy is still alive in those who replicate his works on ropes, humbly trying to keep the flame of his heritage alive.

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